About HRAP

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines has celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2001 and likewise was reincorporated as an Association for another 50 years last August 2001. From a handful of owners and managers in 1951 – HRAP has grown into a full-pledged national organization representing the interests and concerns of the Hotel & Restaurant industry in the whole country.

As the national association of hotels & restaurants, HRAP maintains formal as well as informal affiliation with regional and other national bodies such as:

Training and education remains at the forefront of HRAP concerns. In 1995, HRAP in cooperation with Singapore Hotel Association Training & Education Center (SHATEC) and thru the Hotel & Tourism Institute of the Philippines (HTIP), started offering training & management programmes using SHATEC  modules and trainors .  HRAP  has  graduated 118 professionals in its advanced management programs and   has likewise graduated 16 students in its 2 year vocational course.

Regular seminars and outreach programs are conducted in cooperation with Provincial Chapter members.  Currently, we have 8 Chapters in Baguio, Davao, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Iloilo City, Butuan, Cebu and Cagayan

HRAP concerns itself with all issues affecting the Hotel & Restaurant Industry including but not limited to  Environment, Government Liaison, Ethics, Health, legislation, Program, Technology, Finance & Education. It has worked and partnered with some of the following government agencies and departments such as :

HRAP is an active partner of the Department of Tourism (DOT) in the areas of concern:

Other activities include
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